Everlast is joining forces with sports wearable startup PIQ and has just unveiled an A.I.-powered boxing wearable today at CES. The wearable, which is called Everlast and PIQ, is a handwrap that aims to make boxing smarter and will offer users a series of features that they wouldn’t get with normal boxing gear. Of course, the wearable works in tandem with a companion application for the full effect, as do most wearables, and the app will be available for both Android and iOS devices to install when it launches later this year alongside the wearable itself.

The handwrap is meant to help boxers analyze the winning factors, and after a training session while wearing the wrap, for example, it would relay any of the analyzed data to the application which it’s connected to, and there the boxer would be able to see everything that was recorded. Using this information, they can see where they really need to improve and implement those changes to work towards that goal. All of the data is analyzed in real time so information is as accurate as possible, too.

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